Expand Medical Care
and Education to
Where It’s Needed


Remote medical consultation

Bring doctors and patients together in real time

With RSI X Real-Time Engagement Platform you have all the tools you need to build medical consultation apps that allow patients and doctors to engage with text, voice and video chat.

And whether your app allows patients to share their medical record, doctors to review medical imaging scans or mental health professionals to conduct remote sessions with patients, you can rely on RSI X global SD-RTN™ network to provide low-latency, reliable, high-quality experiences.


Video first aid

Connect doctors and patients for life-saving first aid

When lives are on the line, you need clear, reliable communication. RSI X global SD-RTN™ network provides a low-latency, high-quality connection to ensure that nothing gets lost in transmission.

Doctors and patients can discuss urgent situations and potentially life-saving treatments, while recording the exchange for the patient’s medical record and to use as evidence if necessary.


Interactive medical education

Teach medical professionals anywhere in the world

Doctors and other medical staff are needed in every corner of the world, but they don’t all have access to medical institutions for ongoing education. Meanwhile, medical science is advancing rapidly.

With RSI X Real-Time Engagement Platform, medical professionals can share their expertise remotely, whether through webinars, by live streaming surgeries or other procedures, by offering one-on-one voice and video consultation, or in small group discussions.


Large-scale event streaming

Stream medical events across the globe

Medical care providers are eager for the latest information in their field. With RSI X global SD-RTN™ network, you can stream live presentations and other medical events to up to a million people anywhere in the world.

Keynote addresses, paper presentations, announcements of breakthroughs, and other important events can reach your audience in real time. You can record the event locally or on the cloud for archival purposes, to stream it again later, or to make the video available on-demand.

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