Create Memorable


Small groups

Connect old friends or new flames

Texting is common in dating apps, but embedded voice and video are revolutionizing the dating industry and every nook and cranny of the social app world.

From small, intimate private chats with friends to group karaoke on RSI X virtual KTV channel, innovators are finding that video and voice interactions are increasing in-app user engagement.

Integrating fun features like custom avatars, face filters and virtual gifts are also creating social connections and driving revenue.


Large interactive events

Engage with millions of people worldwide

With RSI X SD-RTN™, you can scale up to huge audiences on the fly and engage people across the globe—without compromising the quality and clarity your customers demand.

Events can have one host or several and you can bring battling hosts together to compete for virtual gifts or votes, with fans reacting in real time using text messages, video and audio chat, emojis and more.

Also, put your mind at ease: RSI X content moderation keeps the interactions safe.


Large host-centered events

Inform or entertain a worldwide audience with smooth, reliable video and audio

When you need to reach a large audience, RSI X provides a smooth interactive experience. Scale your stream up to millions of people, confident that they’re receiving high-quality video and audio. Want to present a different hosting image? Create a custom-designed avatar to perform hosting duties. And if it’s a podcast you’re sharing, RSI X helps you stream it efficiently to audiences across the globe.
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