Reinvent Shopping


Retail streaming

Draw in customers with livestream events

Build customer excitement around new trends and products with live demonstrations, announcements, or celebrations.

Whether you’re showing new cosmetics and makeup techniques, the latest in athletic clothing, or tools to bake the perfect cupcake, spreading the word over live video streams can boost your revenue opportunities. With interactive features like text and video chat, customers can have personalized experiences even with huge audiences.

RSI X reliable and massively scalable global network enables you to stream events in real time to millions of people anywhere in the world, with confidence that our ultra low latency and adaptive resolution ensures high-quality voice and video for audiences on any device.


Virtual marketplaces

Connect retailers with worldwide customers

RXI X Real-Time Engagement Platform lets you bring the marketplace to customers wherever they are.

Our cross-platform SDKs make it easy for you to embed real-time messaging, voice chat, video chat and streaming into your apps. Whether you need one-on-one or group chat or live streaming to huge audiences, we have the flexible building blocks and third-party tools to build any experience you dream up.

With RSI X, your virtual marketplace can give retailers and influencers every interactive tool they need to sell their products to global customers.


Brand appeal

Let customers peek behind the scenes

Increasingly, people want to know more about the materials used to make the products they buy, the workers who assemble them, and the process itself. A more detailed understanding of how products are made can increase customer excitement and interest.

RSI X Real-Time Engagement Platform makes it easy to show customers any aspect of production through live interactive video streams, recorded video and audio, and real-time messaging features.

Personalizing your story while engaging directly with customers can deepen brand loyalty and boost social sharing of your products.


Customer service

Take good care of customers

The quality of service can make or break a company’s relationship with a customer and great text, voice and video support can help build a loyal community and improve a brand’s reputation.

While you focus on answering customer questions, resolving issues or taking orders in real time, you shouldn’t have to worry about the network. With RSI X Real-Time Engagement Platform you can depend upon high quality and reliable connections around the world and on any device and platform.

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