Metaverse Solution


Workplace Collaboration

Innovative workplace solution providers like Ronday are crafting immersive collaboration spaces that offer a sense of connection, presence, and community that elevates the experience of working alongside colleagues virtually, giving teammates a more intuitive and familiar way to communicate and work together. These collaborative spaces can be customized to meet your customer’s needs with custom layouts, public and private rooms, screen sharing, and whiteboarding.



Enterprise Training platforms that build training and learning activities are embracing the Metaverse experience to help them gamify the learning experience to increase engagement. These are also platforms that create immersive (AR/VR) training experiences for mission-critical job functions, providing simulations of real-world scenarios that teach learners to function in environments that may be too complex or even too dangerous to recreate in real-world classrooms.



Gamers have been the pioneers of the Metaverse, with Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortinet providing early examples of what’s possible. As software platforms become more robust and VR equipment continue to evolve, they will create massive opportunities for developers to build amazing worlds that offer the next, great immersive Metaverse gaming experience.



Innovative artists have begun to host live Metaverse performances with the ability to reach massive global audiences while creating opportunities for profitable sponsorships. Examples include Fortnite’s recently hosting of a performance by rap artist Travis Scott and Minecraft’s hosting of a music festival featuring Massive Attack.



The Metaverse has the potential to transform online shopping from offering static views of merchandise to immersive experiences that enable shoppers to model clothing to find their “look,” select furniture and move it around the room to visualize how it will look in their home, or walk around a vehicle they are considering buying, sit in the driver’s seat, and experiment with the controls.

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